Adoption Day || Lucas + Jaxon

March 19, 2017

If you don’t already know it, winter here in Oregon can be very wet,  rainy and gray. So when your Adoption Day is set for March 10 you just have to keep your fingers crossed that it won’t be pouring cats and dogs. Well, it was all meant to be in the most wonderful of ways when after weeks of endless rain the sun was shining down on Lucas,  Jaxon and the whole family for their big day in court!

It is such a blessing for me to be able to document events like these for families to cherish and look back on. As I am posting this I can see little Jaxon smiling and hear him calling out to everyone, “Happy Adoption Day!” There was so much excitement in the air and especially from Lucas and Jaxon who now have the security of an amazing mother and father to love, guide and cherish them.

Happy Adoption Day  Lucas, Jaxon, Carrie and Anders!

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