Road 40 Photography


As a child growing up in Oregon, my family and I would often drive to Washington to gather with extended family for the holidays and summer vacations. My excitement to see everyone would heighten as we crossed the bridge into Pasco, but it was when we made the turn onto Road 40 that my anticipation reached its peak. We. Were. Almost. There! Family, togetherness, arguing, making up, dinners for 45, pinochle, food (oh, so much food), laughter and most of all, unconditional love was waiting to enwrap us. I cherished it all. It was the road to so many of my favorite childhood memories and to this day I continue to make that turn down Road 40 with my own family to make new memories with the next generation.

Road 40 Photography is my passion, my outlet, my baby and I love to share it. My office is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Oregon, but that’s just where I hang my camera bag. I shoot all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. I love to be outside focusing my energy on using the gorgeous natural light provided by the sun’s energy. Even when shooting a lifestyle session indoors, I focus on using window light for soft, natural images. I will provide you with incredible service while giving you stunning images you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.


My two favorites are my husband and son

I’m an optimist at heart

I’ve lived all across this gorgeous country; from Hawaii to New Jersey

More palm trees, please!

I’m not a good in-home movie watching partner… that is way too long to sit still

Sun seeking, ocean lover

My dream photoshoot is to document a family’s vacation at the Magic Kingdom, WDW

Experiences > stuff

Entertaining in our home feeds my soul

Owls are my spirit animal